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Mental Health Topics for Farm Families and Caregivers: An AgrAbility Virginia Program Resource

AEE-150NP (ALCE-275NP) 

Farm families may face mental health challenges due to financial instability from natural disasters, trade upheavals, and illness or injury (Reed & Claunch, 2020). Rural caregivers (those responsible for taking care of one or more individuals, for example youth or disabled adults) on a farm face a plethora of challenges in addition to difficulties associated with caregiving for another individual. Isolation is a large problem, which makes the development of a support group a priority. Additionally, the farming population is aging, causing other problems to emerge.

AgrAbility Virginia has prepared this document to assist Virginia farm families and rural residents with information related to caregiving and mental health. This publication is not intended to be used as a comprehensive mental health resource. Contact AgrAbility Virginia for more information for farmers and caregivers:


8.5 x 11, 7 pages, DS, color, single staple upper left, 24#

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