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Is a Gluten-Free Diet Healthy for People Without Celiac Disease?

HNFE-350P The process for canning foods in the home depends on the acidity of the food, which is determined by its pH. Low-acid foods have a pH more than 4.6, and high-acid foods have a pH less than 4.6. In general, vegetables and meats are low-acid foods, and fruits are high-acid foods. High-acid foods can be safely processed in a boiling water bath, but low-acid foods must be processed in a pressure canner. This publication will outline how to safely preserve low-acid foods through pressure canning at home. For information on safe home preservation of high-acid foods, see “Boiling Water Bath Canning,” Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) publication 348-594.


8.5 x 11, 6 pages, DS, BW, single staple upper left, 24#