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Defining Silvopastures: Integrating Tree Production With Forage-Livestock Systems for Economic, Environmental, and Aesthetic Outcomes

CSES-146P To many Virginia landowners, silvopasture is a somewhat novel term composed of common elements: “silvo,” a derivation of the Latin “silva,” refers to woods or forest; “pasture” refers to the plants that make up grazing lands — the basis for most ruminant livestock production. While these words are readily recognized individually, there is some confusion about the combined term — “silvopasture.” The aim of this publication is to reduce confusion by clearly defining silvopasture, explaining why and how trees might be managed together with forages and livestock, and describing some of the hurdles and opportunities that come with managing these agroforestry systems.


8.5 x 11, 6 pages, DS, color, single staple upper left, 24#