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Taking Care of the Soil

Robert Spiers Jr., Spiers Farm, LLC 
Dinwiddie and Sussex County, Virginia

Robert H. Spiers Jr. is the co-owner and operator of Spiers Farm, LLC, an 1,800-acre corn, soybean, grain, and tobacco farm. Founded in 1884, Robert is a seventh-generation farmer on this land, and is currently working to fully transition the farm operation to his son Mark. As a way to mitigate the impacts of drought and wind damage, Robert and Mark have not only implemented soil conservation practices on their farm through cover cropping, and no-till/low-till, but have also used their farm as a demonstration site to inspire other farmers in the region to implement these practices. With the recognition that his livelihood is deeply dependent on the health of the land, Robert takes a long-term perspective to farming, informing his conservation ethic and practices.