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2021 Pest Management Guide - Horticultural and Forest Crops

456-017 (ENTO-399P-1) The Virginia Pest Management Guide (PMG) series lists options for management of major pests: diseases, insects, nematodes, and weeds. These guides are produced by Virginia Cooperative Extension and each guide is revised annually. PMG recommendations are based on research conducted by the Research and Extension Division of Virginia Tech, in cooperation with other land-grant universities, the USDA, and the pest management industry.  8.5x11, B&W, DS, 3HD, Shrink-wrapped, 255 pages


Revised 4/15/21.


Links to individual chapters.


Chapter 1 Regulations and Basic Information

Chapter 2 Commericial Small Fruit

Chapter 3 Grapes

Chapter 4 Hops

Chapter 5 Nursery Crops

Chapter 6 Floral Crops

Chapter 7 Turf

Chapter 8 Pests of Foresrty and Christmas Trees

Chapter 9 Low Management Crops and Areas

Chapter 10 Author Contact List 2021 Final pest manmagement guide.jpg

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