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Stinging Caterpillars: Slug Caterpillars and Flannel Moths

ENTO-75NP (ENTO-347NP) Slug caterpillars in the family Limacodidae move with a slow gliding motion rather than walking, much like a slug. Some slug caterpillars are brightly colored with bumps, protuberances, or appendages. Most have irritating hairs or spines capable of delivering a painful sting. The larvae of the flannel moths in the family Megalopygidae possess warty growths with stinging hairs. These warts may be completely concealed under a dense covering of fine hairs, or there may be very long hairs clumped in tufts scattered regularly over the body that leave the warts exposed. 8.5x11 Color DS 24# stapled upper left, 4 pages\12\EXDBVXBG201203.png

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