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Best Management Practice Fact Sheet 15: Extended Detention Ponds

426-134 (BSE-283P)This fact sheet is one of a 15-part series on urban stormwater management practices. Please refer to definitions in the glossary at the end of this fact sheet. Glossary terms are italicized on first mention in the text. For a comprehensive list, see Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) publication 426-119, “Urban Stormwater: Terms and Definitions.” Extended detention ponds (EDs) are dry detention ponds that provide 12 to 24 hours of runoff storage during peak runoff events (see figure 1). Releases from the ED ponds are controlled by an outlet structure. During a storm event, as the discharge restriction is reached, water backs up into the ED pond. 8.5 x 11, 4 pages, DS, BW, color pages 1-2, single staple upper-left, 24#\12\OKSBPXIN201201.png

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