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Decreasing Runoff and Increasing Stormwater Infiltration

426-046 (HORT-160P) Humans and plants depend on an adequate supply of clean water for a number of reasons, from producing food to sustaining life. The average Virginia resident uses 826 gallons of fresh water daily (Virginia Department of Environmental Quality [VADEQ] 2008). In the Commonwealth alone, there are more than one million households that depend on well water, withdrawing more than 50 billion gallons annually (Virginia Department of Health 2008). For groundwater replenishment, we depend largely on recharge (water moving from the surface to groundwater) from infiltration of precipitation through permeable surfaces in the environment; an important part of the natural water cycle.


(VADEQ 2010). 8.5 x 11, 6 pages, DS, color, single staple upper-left, 24#