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Best Management Practice Fact Sheet 1: Rooftop Disconnection

426-120 (BSE-269P) This fact sheet is one of a series on urban stormwater management practices. Please refer to definitions in the glossary at the end of this fact sheet. Glossary terms are italicized on first mention in the text. For a comprehensive list, see Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) publication 426-119, "Urban Stormwater: Terms and Definitions." Rooftop disconnection (RD) is one of the simplest means of reducing stormwater from residential lots. RD takes roof runoff that has been collected in gutters and piped directly to streets, storm drains, and streams and redirects it away from impervious surfaces to landscaped areas (figure 1).


8.5 x 11, DS, color, 4 pages, 24#, single staple upper left