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Japanese Zelkova

Japanese zelkova is a medium to large shade tree with a distinct vase shape. This species is quite drought and heat tolerant; its use as a street tree species is testimony to its toughness. Fall foliage colors range from fair to quite good (orange to bronze-red to maroon) and will vary from tree to tree (seedling-grown trees) or from cultivar to cultivar. With age the bark exfoliates exposing orange and tan colors. Pruning young trees is obligatory since limbs in young trees tend to be clustered; developing a good branch structure when the tree is young will eliminate the need for more involved and costly pruning when trees are older. There are several cultivars in the trade (see Additional Information section). 8.5 x 11, BS, SS, 1 page, 24#\12\DWIYEATF201157.png

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