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Chinese Elm (Lacebark Elm)

Chinese elm is a medium to large fast-growing shade tree. This species is quite tolerant of drought and poor soil; hence, it has been extensively used in urban situations. There are numerous cultivars; cultivar selection criteria include cold hardiness, form, growth rate, foliage characteristics, and bark showiness. Seedling-grown trees will vary in form ranging from a vase-shape to a very wide-spreading form. This species has a relatively showy bark; it is a patchwork of orange, tan, gray, and brown colors and will vary from tree to tree (seedling-grown trees). Fall foliage color is considered fair to nondescript depending on cultivar and location. A major liability of Chinese elm is that it is prone to storm damage (split branches and trunks). 8.5 x 11, BW, DS, 2 pages, 24#\12\AUZWXFAW201157.png

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