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Washington Hawthorn

Washington hawthorn is a small tree (single or multiple trunks) with showy white flowers in June. Trees produce an abundance of persistent glossy bright red fruit (about 0.25 inches in diameter) that result in a spectacular fruit display that persist into winter months. There are two potential disadvantages associated with the landscape use of this species. First, Washington hawthorn has relatively large thorns (about 1 inch long) that limit its use in pedestrian traffic or playground areas. Secondly, when conditions favor fungal diseases (cool wet springs), the foliage and fruit of Washington hawthorn will be afflicted with rust diseases that render leaves and fruit unsightly. Washington hawthorns, like most other hawthorn species, are relatively tolerant of drought and poor soils. 8.5 x 11, BW, SS, 1 page, 24#\12\OUZDKRMU201156.png

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