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Bigleaf Hydrangea

Bigleaf hydrangea is a very popular flowering shrub. Flowers are mostly produced in June and July but newer cultivars (that flower on new growth) flower through the summer. Depending on the particular cultivar, bigleaf hydrangeas bear one of two types of flowers. Plants with large globe-shaped flowers are called mopheads (technically called hortensias); mophead flowers clusters are composed of showy sterile florets with less showy fertile flowers tucked within the showy florets. Plants with flat flower clusters are called lacecaps; lacecaps are composed of a ring of showy large sterile florets on the outside and the center is composed of less showy fertile flowers. 8.5 x 11, BW, DS, 2 pages, 24#\12\GQQLMYOB201156.png

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