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A Guide to the Aquaponics Food Safety Plan Development: Green Aquaponics LLC as a Model

FST-302P To meet the global demands for protein and fresh produce with minimum impact on the environment and the highest sustainability, an integration between fish and crops production in the form of aquaponics systems has gained momentum for commercial production as well as in urban farming settings. However, more research is needed to find the optimal conditions in which both fish and the selected crop or crops for growth, disease resistance and best overall performance in terms of production and product quality and safety. There is no comprehensive food safety plan for aquaponics. In addition, by growing the industry, there is unmet needs for understanding and developing a food safety plan for aquaponics. In this paper, we developed the food safety plan for aquaponics.


color, DS, 24#, Black Coil Bind 110# color cover/back cover, 82 pages