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Diagnosing Plant Problems

426-714 Something is wrong with your plant. What's the cause? You can begin to determine the cause of the problem by taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes; be a keen observer and ask many questions. Diagnosing plant problems is often a difficult task. There can be many different causes for a given symptom, not all of them related to insects or diseases. The health of a plant may be affected by soil nutrition and texture, weather conditions, quantity of light, other environmental and cultural conditions, and animals, including humans. Complicating this scenario is the fact that any two of the above factors can interact to give rise to a problem. For example, a prolonged period of drought may weaken plants so that they are more susceptible to pests; this is typically observed with boxwoods. W, DS, 24#, Staple upper left, 4 pages\12\RIFBHYYD201155.png

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