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Tractor-Mounted Lifts

BSE-58NP (BSE-230NP) The average age of farmers in Virginia is steadily increasing and many of them experience age related disabilities (Mariger, et al., 2009). Many with disabilities are interested in continuing their work. Often they can do so if appropriate assistive technologies (AT) are available to carry out their responsibilities without risking secondary injuries. For example, most disabled farmers are able to work if the equipment work space can be accessed without the risk of secondary injuries. One of the ATs widely used in assisting disabled workers to access a tractor or other equipment work space is a mechanical lift. These lifts are often custom-designed and fabricated locally to keep the cost down, and to make it adaptable to different makes and models of tractors. 8.5 x 11, 8 pages, DS, BW, 20#, single staple upper left.\12\ZZUKDDNW201155.png

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