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Shoppers Guide for Berry Plants in the Mid-Atlantic and the Carolinas

This article is intended to serve as a resource for new and experienced Mid and South-Atlantic small fruit growers, home gardeners, and educators to locate and procure quality berry plants and to identify nurseries that may carry specific varieties of interest. All of the information included in the article was identified through the websites of the respective nurseries or from communications with the nursery representatives. Although it has been our attempt to capture all available providers, this list may not be an all-inclusive list. We also do not endorse any of these listed nurseries. Please note that varieties included in the charts are based upon those provided by the nurseries for the 2016-2017 growing season, and are subject to slight changes in the following years. 8.5x11 Color DS 24# stapled set (upper left)\12\GBNSLNAI201153.jpg

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